Starting to blog again


I had the idea to start building products and blogging the experience after a really shit 2020, and realising I needed more streams of income, should something like this covid pandemic happen again. So naturally, I spend too long picking a blogging software, which ended up being somebodyelses blog repo from github and repurposing it. I then went on to write exactly one blog post shit blog post, about the shitstorm that was 2020, what went well, what didn’t, and whats next. I then immediatly moved onto the next thing that grabbed my attention and never wrote a blog post again. Until now.

I’m back

I’m starting the blog again, as there is another fire under my ass. I’ve started to build around 3 or 4 products over the last few months and have underestimate, made mistakes, learned a tonne and improved my process. Best of all, I didn’t document or teach any of it, pretty bad hustle there Mike. So, whats different this time. Well for starters I’ve 3 products that I’ve started making that I’m pretty excited about developing further, they are;

  1. InteriorDesigner

A customisable book interior generator that allows you (currently) to create lined and graph paper interiors for low content books, such as those on KDP. I plan to add more generators to this and try get it infront of those who may find it useful.

  1. Feedback

An audio feedback tool. Scratching my own itch here. I write and record music with 2 other guys. I often find myslef sending a song in a messenger group chat for feedback on the arragement, lyrics, mix etc… This becomes a massive mess of songs and unorderd comments and replies. This makes it hard to go back to the computer, open up a song in the digital audio workstation(DAW) and then find all the feedback related to the song in question. This is where Feedback comes in, it’s a soundcloud like commenting experience, where you make timestamped comments on a song, but in this case you start timestamped conversations where feed back can be given and discussed.

  1. SoundBoard

Finally, an online soundFx sampler that you can trigger via a midi controller. I had this idea when I quickly wanted to open up a website with a mpc style drum machine while I was writing a song, it didn’t exist. So like any good developer I thought I’d make my own, got hooked and then forgot about it. I now realise that given some tlc, that old git repo could do pretty well. I want to refocus it to be only for soundFx, not music, and target the podcaster market.

What will be different?

I’ll actually post update and interesting learnings this time. I promise I’ll actually write about building the above ^ and more. You can expect to learn about building products from somebody who’s learning to build products.